Pre-requisite: 18 yrs of age
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Course Objectives: Certificate of Completion Awarded
This course is designed to focus on defensive shotgun skills and emphasizes
a strong knowledge of the weapon and the things that can go wrong. Additionally,
the course teaches students to shoot from both sides of the body (strong and support
side).Students will need to practice these techniques to become proficient.

Use of ammunition selection to mitigate possibilities of flyers and liabilities.
Select loading and distance considerations. Exploration of pros / cons regarding
action type e.g., pump, semi auto, etc. Exploration of sights and aiming
considerations, as well asstock and grip pros / cons. Also covered malfunctions
and transitions to handgun to achieve rounded knowledge of fallbacks.
Exploration of slings and rigs and carry preferences regarding muzzle direction (2point / single point slings).

Any time a student participates in shotgun the training can be harsh as these guns tend to have some recoil. Dealing with the recoil will be key to ongoing training. This course covers a great deal of things not found in other

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DEFENSIVE SHOTGUN    (not for first-time-shooters)                                                                                                                               

Certificate of completion awarded.

  • Training Focus:
    Gear placement
    Use of slings and similar rigs

  • Cruiser ready & Cruiser Safe

  • Administrative, tactical and combat reloads
    Gun-hand & support-hand shooting.
    Gun-hand & support-hand reloading.

  • Use of cover and concealment

  • Point-of-aim / flash sight / and defensive shotgun (fast) shooting

  • Moving and shooting

  • Shooting positions & transitions while reloading and moving
    Team drills & rolling thunder type team training
    Intensive positional training / physical training
    Incapacitation drills (no live fire)
    And More!

Ammunition Requirements:
 Minimum of 200 rounds Bird shot (preferably # 6)
 Minimum of 200 rounds 00 Buck
Gear Requirements:


  • Shotgun preferably Pump Action (semi ok if necessary)
    Eye & Ear Protection

  • Knee Pads / Elbow Pads (optional)
    Sling or similar rig

  • Baseball cap if possible

  • Snacks and water or something to drink

  • Appropriate clothing for outdoor environment


Instructors: All instructors are NRA Certified Instructors and most are NRA and PA State Police Certified
Law Enforcement Instructors.

Certificate of Completion Awarded